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I didn’ t expect a less than 0. learn all about the features and specs that will help you decide if one of these are right for your golf game. the case has both a zipper and quick release closures. the tectectec vpro500 golf rangefinder is high quality but an inexpensive product that will be difficult to ignore when trying to make a solid value- for- money argument. 41 pounds ( or 6. the tectectec vpro500 offers versatile functions and it can be used in different situations.

golf clubsgolf club parts ( 882) golf ballsgolf carts. 5mw pulse energy with a low- end tectectec product. in fact the vpro500 ranked # 1 in best price in golfassessor. 7 k 30 fps, 1080p 60 fps, and 16 megapixel camera! tectectec' s product range includes action cameras, camera stabilizers, projectors, speakers, rangefinders, and more. its very lightweight at just 6. the ult- x and the vpro500 one with slope measurement and the other without. you can easily download the user manual ( s) by selecting them from the list below. in this video, i' m going to be doing a tectectec vpro500 golf rangefinder review and giving my honest thoughts on whether or not you should buy it. it comes fully equipped with a premium shock- resistant protective case. there are many similarities between the tectectec vpro500, vpro500s, vpro dlx, vpro dlxs and ult- x.

support 🙂 how can we help you? the tectectec vpro500 is incredibly eye- safe. but in spite of this, they make gear that quite resembles the stuff we are seeing from some of the bigger manufacturers. affiliate program. com and that was a hands down victory too.

tectectec’ s vpro500. both the nikon coolshot 20 i gii and tectectec vpro500 s can adjust distances for slope and come with 6x magnification and neither vibrate after flag lock. welcome to the user manuals section. read verified customer reviews the tectectec vpro500 provides an excellent experience for golfers who wish to level up their game without having to spend more than needed.

laser rangefinders are an excellent way to elevate your game with just the press of a button, and tectectec is here to show you how. tectectec has quickly become one of the leading rangefinder vendors online, and their flagship product, the vpro500, received amazon’ s bestseller status in 20 as well as a 4. add to cart browse categories. 5- star rating from thousands of buyers worldwide. the users of this product have got a lot of positive things to say about the product. still, there’ s no way i’ m recommending looking directly into the laser. shop the best budget- friendly golf rangefinders and hunting rangefinders on the market. however, its effectiveness varies from one device to the other.

tusita protective cover for tectectec vpro500 vpro500s slope, golf laser rangefinder accessories replacement silicone case skin 4. but does it sacrifice functionality and performance? fast shipping & delivery · exclusive deals · 5 star reviews. each of these affordable tectectec golf rangefinders weigh about 0. it also uses a continuous scan mode to improve the precision and reliability of measurements. 53 ounces) and their physical dimensions are 4. yes, all tectectec rangefinders are tournament legal in the us. xpro2 is the ultra high definition, 4k 15 fps, 2.

no need to second guess the distance with vpro500s. si vous avez le moindre problème avec nos produits, merci de nous contacter par courriel com 9. 6 ( depth) inches so all of these units will be lightweight and comfortable to carry around. love it or your money back guaranteed. send download link to: user manual vpro500s. it comes with popular functions, including continuous measurement for fast and convenient insight into the distance of the object, advanced pinsensor technology, accurate distance measurement, scanning functionality. the biggest difference between the nikon coolshot 20 i gii and tectectec vpro500 s is that the nikon coolshot 20i has a maximum 300 yard range. target lock technology makes it easier to lock onto a target even if your hands are shaky. lightweight and portable; measures only 104 x 72 x 41 mm and weighing only 185g, with a water and clean safe, solid body, ideal for conveying while at the same time hitting the fairway or chasing, or for measuring and reviewing without additional weight or mass.

i’ ve put together this tectectec vpro500 golf rangefinder review to help break this popular model down a little for regular and novice golfers. a long- lasting cr- 2 lithium battery is also included along with a wrist strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, and an easy to read manual. and in terms of rangefinders, one of its best selling units is the tectectec vpro500 golf rangefinder. for tectectec vpro500 golf rangefinder, this feature performs more effectively than most of its competitors. 1 yard accuracy, up to 540 yard measurement, rainproof body. accuracy and power. the vpro500s takes the vpro500 to a new level with the addition of a slope feature. this is a tectectec vpro500 manual common feature in most top- quality rangefinders. our world- class rangefinders now have their very own tutorial video. 61 inches, ergonomic, and rain resistant. send download link to: user manual ult- x.

the vpro500 measures up to 540 yards and is accurate within one yard. the tectectec vpro500 is the best rangefinder in its class making it a popular and tectectec vpro500 manual affordable item for both golf hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. the premium, multilayered optical lens combined with diopter adjustment and 6x magnification provide an ultra- clear and accurate view. our rainproof laser golf rangefinder measures up to 540 yards within + / - 1 yard, helping you find the right distance to golf flags, trees, or hazards. all files are in pdf format and are. as of today, the brand is quite popular in the outdoor equipment industry. looking to tectectec vpro500 manual drop some strokes by filling your golf bag with new gear? here’ s what it can do: pretty much everything that the others can— like, say, a company whose name rhymes with smushnell. but even with these limited offerings, tectectec found its audience and market immediately. the vpro500 is well- known online for its incredible accuracy. we track the pros and cons mentioned to see if there are common threads to help determine the strengths and weaknesses of every product we review.

take a look and see the most efficient way to use your unit in the field. the vpro500 is a reliable choice for any level of golfer. welcome to tectectec! this is my review of two golf laser rangefinders by tec tec tec. 5 out of 5 stars 164. the tectectec vpro500 uses an advanced laser rangefinder that can measure up to 540 yards. how do i use a golf laser rangefinder, anyhow? ® vrpo500 pour cela, envoyer un email à com avec votre date d' achat, numéro de commande et en intitulé ' garantie vpro500'.

select a product popular article faq xpro camera how to make a time lapse xpro3 parameters how to connect xpro2, 2+ to phone register product warranty contact customer service. not to mention it looks great. com tectectec rangefinders feature ultra- clear, multi- layered optical lenses for excellent visual clarity, 6x magnification and diopter. tectectec golf rangefinder how- to video tutorial. rangefinder review. this is a useful feature that lets you have a clear view of the ball, despite the distance. plain and simply – well done tectectec, the price and value for money is out of this world and making the option of a rangefinder a lot more accessible to anyone whilst still keeping the quality top drawer. if anything, the power and accuracy promised should appeal to most players on the links, regardless of experience. you get a cr 2 battery, a strap, and a cleaning cloth along with the rangefinder and it’ s tectectec vpro500 manual a good thing. action camera 4k ideal for filming every detail of your adventures. the vpro500 is durable and built to last.

laser measurement + / - yard, to 6x and clear, performance, our laser. the vpro500 is made of strong and upscale materials while it has smooth and delicate shallow covering. 52 oz and compact at 4. please note that that slope mode is not tournament legal, but tectectec rangefinder models with slope mode ( the vpro500s, vpro dlxs, and vprodlx 1ks) have three other, non- slope calculating modes that the user can choose from. a quick look on tectectec vpro500 golf rangefinder. user manual vpro500. at $ 180 it definitely hits on price. the device is furnished with an extra concentration dial for clearness and high determination. high- resolution, super wide- angle lens. nearly 90 percent of the customers have all the positive things to say about the product which actually is a very good rating.

the vpro500 delivers fast and extremely accurate measurements right down to the decimal. our tectectec vpro500 review is based on a hands- on test and the feedback of over 100 users. the positive online reviews by real customers who have purchased the product are a testament to an excellent product produced at an incredibly low price.

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