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Warships manual fire control

Manual fire control is at its greatest at max range and becomes progressively less necessary as you close in. but if you choose advance fire training, it will boost all your aa gun range, and it will be. - manual targeting effect for aa. characteristics of all models are realistically reproduced on the basis of technical elements of warships and aircraft from the first half of the 20th century. warships manual fire control no, manual fire control for secondary armament takes all automation out of the secondaries, meaning you have to target a ship for your secondaries to shoot at manually. 16 mount was rarely if ever employed in the aa role. however, the ships' aa guns do still operate. however, i have known few players that use it to set multiple waypoints. my secondaries fire 3 times. english ( usa) ( default) 日本語.

world of warships new captain skills ( v 6. a ship under a commander with this skill will fire its secondary armament only at the manually selected target ( see above ). des moines equipped with all aa- modules. it' s a bit out of date now, but some of the observations are quite thought provoking : link a feb.

some captains will prefer this skill; others will not. however, the fire control computers and their operators for the main batteries of. 1 to 85mm, depth > 2. the time honored ctrl + a is here to help, and will allow you to synchronize your aircraft more easily. for finer control of aircraft groups, click drag will allow you to select a smaller warships manual fire control subset of aircraft, i. once all aa mounts that contribute to an aura are destroyed, no more damage ( continuous or flak) will be generated in this range band. littlewhitemouse has an interesting article on aa mechanics. second, the continuous damage from the auras gradually increases on the priority side and correspondingly decreases on the other side. shells and other ordnance can destroy aa mounts that may be critically important to protect the ship. 0 carrier rework : link and largely repeated here. with the large number of aa guns and high rates of fire, doing so would place an unacceptable load on the servers.

increases by + 2 the number of flak bursts when the defensive aa fire consumable is active. the newcomers are manual fire control for aa armament, torpedo acceleration, survivability expert, and manual fire control for secondary armament. while in the map mode, clicking your left mouse button will set a waypoint, overriding your previous waypoints. defensive aa fire consumable.

manual fire control for aa armament or m anual fire control for secondary armament? for commanders focusing on anti- aircraft armaments, key skills include basic firing training, advanced firing training, and manual fire control for aa armament. you should not expose broadside to usn attack planes. aa guns modification 1( slot 3) reduces preparation time ( cooldown) for a priority aa sector by 20%. like secondary batteries, aa guns begin a battle unloaded and start to l. more warships manual fire control videos. notably, maneuver the ship( sometimes known as wasd hacks) to make attacks as difficult as possible for aircraft. manual control for secondary armament is a strong skill in this build, but it only allows the ship' s secondaries to fire at a single target at warships manual fire control a time.

only bombers or a bomber with fighter escort. that being said, once you go full in on secondaries you never go back : 3 being to melt a bow on yamato with your ifhe secs never gets old, and you can easily rack up 40- 80k damage purely from secondary hits ( not including fires). pointing the camera to one side of the ship' s mid- line and pressing the ' ~ ' ( tilde) or letter ' o' key activates a priority aa sectoron that side of the ship ( preferably the side where aircraft are attacking). the depth of each aura is defined by the types of guns that form it: a ship with x type gun may have an aura with maximum range ( depth) 2. mark 18 8" cruiser gun director, or for secondary batteries on larger warships. unlike the alt key that has a wide variety of uses, ctrl finds itself more in the one- trick pony category. torpedo bombershave different attack run patterns per nation, but they have one thing in common — they always try to catch you broadside to maximize the number of hits. while defensive aa fire ( ) is active, flak bursts will appear with a reddish hue, whereas normally flak burst animations will appear more orange. however, unlike double. we don' t have 3 heads and 6 hands to control all and when you select a ship, 2nd willl fire only her.

5km range damage: 151, 3. 5km; long range- the big rifles over 85mm, depth > 4km. though a bit more cumbersome. manual secondary isn' t usually taken for us bbs, their lack o. try to avoid going bow or aft against ijn and rn planes.

selecting a squadron of ships and then hitting the shift button will zoom in on the selected squad. manual fire control for secondary armament ( 4 skill points) reduces the dispersion of secondary armament by - 15% for ships of tiers i- vi, and - 60% for ships of tiers vii- x. when in a ships that has main guns, pressing alt will bring up an estimation of distance and travel. attack planesdeal the least amount of damage, but they are very fast, agile, and relatively easy to aim. 5km; medium range - guns of caliber 30.

parts have been modified since, but still largely applicable. every ship with an anti- aircraft capability can focus its aa firepower on one side of the ship, while correspondingly weakening the other side. destroyed mounts cannot fire so the continuous damage of the related aura is reduced. ( unlike main armament, aa and secondary mounts cannot be damaged and repaired — only destroyed. the auras overlap and reinforce each other. this is very handy when you want to skirt the edge of the map with torpedo bombers, for example. you have to ctrl+ click the enemy squadron/ ship so your aa/ secondaries start firing. auxiliary armaments modification 1( slot 1) increases the survivability of aa mounts by 100%.

activating a priority sector has two effects: first, an amount of damage is immediately applied to all enemy squadrons within the ship' s air defense aura. two things bother me about this skill. sticking together as a group is a vital part of any match, and when your enemy inevitably follows the same strategy, your hud can fill up quickly. jump up ↑ while damage is expressed in hp per second, damage is actually applied several times per second ( time slices). ships hidden in smoke cannot be detected by aircraft.

all trademarks and trademark rights pertaining to warships and aircraft are proprietary to the respective rights holders. this also means that sector reinforcement remains unaffected aside from the reduced continuous damage. it mitigates dispersion, and there isn' t nearly enough dispersion at those ranges for it to truly matter, but double that range and have fun watching your non manual secondary hit rate plummet to nada. yup, as mentioned your secondaries will only fire on whatever target your ctrl+ click, which is different to how the manual aa control works. these distributions are merely recommendations and not the ultimate choice to beat all others. an aircraft carrier commander should take note of the color, as this is the only visual cue tha.

there are actions the captain can take independent of his aa defenses. firing those gunscan reveal the ship to nearby aircraft. these are core for a good secondary build. for commanders focusing on maximum survivability, key skills include basics of survivability, fire prevention, and concealment expert. for 30- 60 seconds, all continuous damage is increased 50% and the damage caused by flak clouds is tripled. i have mine mapped as g, but you should find what is comfortable for you. the defensive aa fire i and ii consumables, available on higher- tier cruisers and destroyers, give a major boost to the effectiveness of aa defenses.

for the germans, usually good to bring aft, manual secondaries, secondary mod 1, and the secondary flag. this is incredibly useful when there are multiple targets in the air; many ships have been lost while the anti- aircraft fire focused on the fighters instead of the torpedo bombers they were escorting. however, it is just as important to master the control key. navy asks l3harris electro- optics experts to build shipboard fire- control systems for surface warships. firstly, this skill is in my experience mandatory to make a secondary build do more than scare off destroyers. we dont need to control them, we just want to. there is one last key combination that is extremely handy but doesn’ t quite fit in with the others. the three auras are short range - guns up to and including calibers of 30mm, depth > 1. see full list on imperium. when aa and secondary batteries are suppressed the symbol appears next to the main battery ammunition icons along the bottom of the battle screen. conventional fire control panel with extinguishant control unit operation control panel with extinguishant control fire condition or the operation of a manual, в в· holy fuck manual secondary fire control is a thing manual fire control it' s a tier 5 skill but pc world of warships.

manual fire control for secondary armament ( 4) significantly increases your secondary armament firing efficiency. manual fire control ( mfc) ; the 4 point captain skill that makes secondaries actually usuable. my secondaries would not warships manual fire control fire when in range i was flabbergasted since it was a dd at close range which would have died. although the game is still in closed beta, and as per wargaming, not representative of the final product, we hope this this guide taught you a few new tricks to employ in world of warships as it stands right now. jump up ↑ at one time, overlapping auras. for previous skills you have basic firing training, advanced firing training, aiming expert( now expert marksmen), vigilance, and land stand changing. tap the p key again to turn the batteries back on. on some ships, the range of aa and secondary batteries can exceed the ship' s air detectability range. if you run manual secondaries, just remember your secondaries wont fire until you manually target someone with them, one of the trade offs of the perk, but the dispersion buff is a must imo. 3 captain skill changes. and then i couldn' t find a single video detailing manual fire control.

i chose manual fire control for secondary armament and played a game after i put it in my texas. that was it and then just stopped. i will most likely forgo a tier v skill in the end and go for both aft and manual aa control in this scenario. ballistic armament was reduced to two 100mm/ single mounts forward, modern dual- purpose guns firing 13. while some players have undoubtedly found one or two of the uses of the alt key, still many others have been left in the dark on what it can truly do. aside from looking cool, the z key’ s shell and torpedo tracking camera can be handy to figuring out just where you’ re missing.

nope i warships manual fire control noticed it too, trying to finish out the rus campaign with 2ndaries mt mass and ga both showed the glitch while the gk didn; t haven; t my tirpz or bis so nit sure about them i run these ships with dedicated 19 pt capts and a full 2ndary build including mfc. world of warships 0. guns that are useful against attacking aircraft are generally grouped into three classes by range and effect, both functions of caliber. the best way to accomplish this is with the “ highlight target for allies” control. secondarys fires like before, but not with captain skill : manual fire control : if the ship is under t7 class, then that i think explains why you can' t use manual secondary skill on it. when not in map mode, hitting ctrl will bring up your mouse cursor, which will allow you to select primary targets for your anti- aircraft weapons and secondary batteries.

it is not aa- capable in world of warships. an average of 90/ 10 or 9 damage may be applied every 1/ 10 second. music is ' second coming' by kevin m. so no, community contributors are not really an answer. dive bombersare usually slower and it' s hard for them to adjust their aim while in the attack run.

5km, while on a ship with y type gun the depth of the same aura may be only 1. what i mean is if secondary guns are already firing on their own whenever an enemy ship or an aircraft is within range, at least make their turret move in the direction of the enemy when firing. this is incredibly useful to calculate the amount of lead you should give a target. world of warships- massachusetts manual fire secondaries - duration: 16: 33. months i' ve spent trying to get them to work, so over it. today im testing out the captain skill " manual fire control for secondary arnament". usn torpedo bombers usually carry more torpedoe.

different skills in different tiers doing different things but both of them work in the same pattern. 0) guide by kurbain a) your mileage may vary as skill choices can depend on your playstyle. so i' ve just had to change all my ships to non manual fire control. in attempting to remain as stealthy as possible the captain can turn off the ship' s aa and secondary batteries by pressing the p key.

when a carrier, sometimes you need to launch, land, or give orders to all your aircraft at once. suppressing aa fire. regardless of what ship class you have selected, the alt key should be as important as your left mouse button. i found a list from that seems to be out of date. the most well known use for the alt key is the distance and hang time indicator. without it, the build will be ineffective. auxiliary armamentsmodification 2( slot 6) increases all continuous damage by 15%. however, shift + lmb will allow you to set up to five waypoints. a very handy feature for those who change ships often. however, the magic of the shift button on carriers does not stop there.

however, as longer range aa auras overlap the shorter range auras, continuous damage may still occur at the destroyed aura' s ranges. you can select one air target and one surface target at a time with this technique and your guns will automatically begin to engage the selected target when they get in range. i think only ships from t7 onwards are allowed to use that skill. jump up ↑ although advertised by the navy as dual purpose, the 203/ 55 mk. montana is going with manual secondaries for this battle, i can' t help you if this offends you.

jump up ↑ listof anti- aircraft guns. 5km is decidedly not ideal. and german navy had adopted ac electric power in their post- 1930 warships ( during wwii all u. while the usefulness of this in a destroyer is questionable, it is very handy to ensure your carrier is constantly moving, while avoiding islands and hostiles ( in that order). another option would be to head on over to the wargaming world of warshipsshop a. while you have the alt button depressed, another feature appears: health bars, ship names, and the names of the captains also appear on any ship within visual distance. similarly, focusing your secondary batteries onto a designated target allows you to founder targets more quickly, eliminating their damage from the battlefield.

losing long- range guns may also reduce the number of flak clouds that can be generated. going into the settings, selecting controls, and scrolling down will allow you to map it to the most convenient key. ( actual effects depend on the ship. world of warships - asia language based communities. the special upgrade defensive aa fire modification 1( slot 2) increases the duration o. also where is this list with community contributors?

the location of a destroyed aa mount does not matter as each gun is considered to cover all directions. if you choose manual aa control which will double your 5km damage per second to around 300, but warships manual fire control befors and orikon wont be effected. not only this, but while you can designate only one surface target at a time and one aerial target at a time, you can do one of each simultaneously. rate of fire was an impressive 60 rounds/ minute, and fire control was conducted via directors using the drbc- 32c fire control radar. manual fire control for aa armament 4 points significantly improves the efficiency of large caliber aa guns firing at priority targets designated by the player + 100 % to the efficiency of aa guns with a caliber exceeding 85 mm against a priority target.

when the field is full of targets, it can be hard to focus on the correct target if the game has decided a different target to track. moreover, while in a carrier, you can set multiple waypoints for your aircraft as well. anybody else have problems with manual fire control 95% of the time it just doesn' t work, just had a game where a kurfhurst was 3 km away from my montana, no a would appear above the ship, and of course his secondaries killed me. tested in training room. the auras do have minimum depths. sector reinforcement and other aa boosts such as the defensive aa fire consumable stack additively for continuous damage. it’ s nigh impossible to play even your first match without using the shift key’ s standard binding: enabling artillery cam, as wargaming calls it, or ‘ sniper mode’ according to everyone else.

here is advice on what to do against certain types of attackers. if there is one and it doesn' t show up when googling then it' s like it' s not there. a ship in smoke that is detected by other means canbe attacked by aircraft. increases the damage from flak bursts by 15%. the dispersion of their rockets is different per game nation. the biggest key to learn to use is the alt key. folks, fire control fundamentals, navpers 91900, 1953, was created to introduce sailors to the basics of weapons fire control. sector reinforcement has no effect on flak bursts. warships were retrofitted from dc to ac, to my knowledge) and, as a result, could use direct, amplified, fully- automatic control of their weapons from the gun director via the ballistic computer, without warships manual fire control any human- in- the- loop " follow.

see more results. press " control" and click on the object you want to fire upon. warships manual fire control unlike anti- ship artillery or torpedo armament, world of warships does not plot fields of fire or calculate trajectories for anti- aircraft guns. 5km range damage 302, 2km range damage 195. see full list on wiki. also the same is true for manual aa if you didn' t know. the british attempted to include early fire control computers in the director itself, and this continued to be the practice with directors for smaller warships, such as the u. smoke is a temporary reprieve against air attack, at best, and the smart squadron leader simply will avoid the area until the smoke dissipates. the next part of dominating the engagement is focusing your fire onto the designated primary. instead, anti- aircraft armament is collected into three zones of effect — auras— divided by the three gun classes described above. extra skill points should be invested in either basics of survivability, high alert, or vigilance, as desired.

else, you can see how secondary without manual fire control for secondary armament is a joke for max to medium range. an aura with base 100 hp/ sec might increase to 135 with sector reinforcement ( + 35% ) and to 185 with simultaneous defensive aa fire ( + 50% ). for those of you who have not yet received a closed beta key, watch our stream on twitch for your chance at nabbing one. mk 20 eoss is part of the mk 34 5- inch guns on navy arleigh burke- class destroyers. ship gun fire- control systems ( gfcs) are analogue fire- control systems that were used aboard naval warships prior to modern electronic computerized systems, to control targeting of guns against surface ships, aircraft, and shore targets, with either optical or radar sighting.

properly designating targets, focusing fire, and winning the engagement starts with communicating the primary. well it does it jobs perfectly if you are within 3 - 5 km away. that means quick maneuvering is the key, and, as their dispersion pattern is usually long, they deal the most damage with bow or aft attack runs. it is worth noting that your primary aircraft target can also be selected from the map view. the distance indicator will also display if the target is in range: the max distance of your guns or less will be displayed in white, while out of range distances will be shown in red.

we take a look at what manual skills can do for your weapons, how to use them and more importantly what the benefits are. dev blog post that explains how aa defense changed for the 0. this skill is mandatory for this build. strangely, however, this function comes out of the box unmapped. i dont have iowa, but from tech tree statistics, looks like iowa has strong mid range aa from befors.

when your crosshair is placed over an enemy, pressing this button will radio for your allies to fire on your designated target and put a large red arrow above their ship. jump up ↑ dev blog post. 5 kg shells at 867 m/ s with a 6, 000- meter ceiling and 9, 000- meter effective range. the basic fire control principles of gun against a surface target are then applied to the control of antiaircraft guns, antisubmarine weapons, torpedoes, rockets and guided missiles. and don’ t forget to designate targets for the secondary armament. as for aft in the case of usn destroyers; i can see its use on providing a " stealth fire" capability, especially against battleships and being able to set some rather irritating fires. newcomers zone ; manual fire control for secondary armament language. manual fire control for secondary armament is done for the fun of it, not because it is the most optimal nor competitive. november echo settoseven ( ) increases both continuous and flak damage by 5%.

it' s like a full aa spec on na; not optimal nor competitive most of the time due to the dearth of carriers, but when they exist, and fly planes near you?

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